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Examples of Vegetable Sector

Doyles Veg Prep is Dublin’s number one supplier of fresh produce. Conveniently located just off the M50 motorway in South Dublin the business is situated at the heart of city’s road network providing excellent access to the Capital and surrounding areas. Doyles Veg Prep is a one hundred percent Irish owned family run business that supplies to the catering industry.

Group strategic vision in Total Produce is inspired by the conviction that, in bringing together the collective resources and core competencies of diverse produce providers worldwide, the global fresh produce consumer is best served. Local at heart, Global by nature, in Total Produce we are distinguished by our capacity to deliver the best of both worlds; the resources of a global multi-national alongside the local expertise and experience of on the ground people and operations in key markets globally.

Iverk Produce is one of the largest suppliers of fresh fruit and vegetables in Ireland. From our base in Piltown, Co. Kilkenny, we deliver daily to retail outlets across Ireland, and also restaurants, hotels and food manufacturers. We are closely aligned with Total Produce – Europe’s largest fresh produce provider – O’Shea Farms – our main supplier of potatoes and carrots – and Meadowfresh Foods – a major supplier of prepared vegetables.

Meade Potato Company are proud to be leading the way when it comes to creating new markets for our fresh produce.  We were the first company to export Irish potatoes abroad by the boatload, and have since initiated shipments abroad of Irish product whenever export market conditions were suitable.  Innovation is a core value of the company; we seek new products and services to cater for the changing tastes and requirements of our customers and consumers.

At Irish Micro Greens we grow the finest and freshest range of micro greens on our farm in the heartland of Castletown Co. Meath. Because of the unique way our produce is grown it is available 52 weeks of the year through our network of fresh produce wholesalers and catering supply companies. If it’s not available, then tell us and we’ll get it sorted!

Students at Belvedere College SJ are currently growing crops, farming fish and cultivating fungi in a glass-roofed science laboratory called the GROWlab, featuring an aquaponic and hydroponic farm with an innovative system of teaching sustainability in the city, a year-round space where students can learn about plant life cycles, green technology, and sustainable farming practices.

Ballygarron Farm is a family owned and run Vegetable Growing Business based in The Spa Tralee Co. Kerry. For three generations the Hanafin Family have worked the rich fertile land of The Spa and surrounding areas producing high quality freshly home-grown vegetables for our customers to enjoy.