Car Charge and Big Mac

McDonald’s have announced their partnership with Dutch company Nuon to implement EV charging stations at their Drive-in sites in the Netherlands.

Nuon is an energy company who have implemented over 7,000 electric vehicle charging points across the Netherlands.

The dutch electric vehicle market is expanding and there is an increased demand for places to charge them.

The agreement is set to start at the end of 2018 with the installation of 168 charging stations at every McDonald’s in the Netherlands with a McDrive. They aim to charge an electric vehicle in half an hour powered by green electricity from Dutch windmills.

Bas Klaassen, Director Development Real Estate & Construction at McDonald’s, said: “With this agreement, together with Nuon, we are taking an important step in addition to our objectives of making our restaurants more sustainable. Electric riders can get back on the road within half an hour and have the time for a good cup of coffee. The fast-charging stations run entirely on green electricity.”










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