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CAO - Round A Offers out today

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CAO - Round A Offers out todaycao

5,229 applicants to receive CAO offers today (7 July) 

CAO Round A offers will be available to view online at from 10 am today (7 July). 

A total of 5,229 applicants will receive an offer in this early round – of these, 4,350 will receive a Level 8 offer and 1,839 will receive a Level 7/6 offer. 

960 applicants will receive an offer on both the Level 8 and Level 7/6 lists. 

Successful applicants will also receive an email and a text message (if they have selected this option) with details of their offer. 

Round A offers mainly concern mature applicants, mature nursing/midwifery applicants, and deferred applicants, but offers are also issued to some applicants who have completed an access course, or those who may be required to make visa arrangements. 

The ‘Reply Date’ by which Round A offers must be accepted is Wednesday, 13 July at 3 pm. 

Speaking about the offer process, head of communications for CAO, Eileen Keleghan, commented; “We urge all mature, deferred and other applicants who may be expecting an offer at this stage to log in to their CAO accounts after 10am today to check if they have received a Round A offer. 

“Successful applicants will also receive an email to the email account that they have registered on the CAO system. 

“Offers must be accepted by 3 pm on Wednesday next, 13 July – failure to accept an offer by the reply date will result in the offer being cancelled” she added. 

A further offer round (Round Zero) will take place on 5 August for additional mature applicants, deferred and Access applicants, graduate entry medicine applicants, and applicants presenting QQI FET/FETAC qualifications for entry to courses with a quota for QQI FET/FETAC applicants. 

For all other applicants, Round One offers will be issued on 8 September. Round One offers will be available to view online from 2pm, and successful applicants will also receive offer notification by email and text message if they have selected this option. There will be no postal offer notice in any of the offer rounds.    

The reply date for Round One offers is 14 September by 3pm.   

Round Two offers will be available to view online from 19 September at 10am. 

For more information about the CAO offer and acceptance process watch the video guide available here: 

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