CAOCAO Figures – 79,229 CAO applicants at close of CAO Late Application facility –  The total number of CAO applicants at the close of the Late Application facility on May 1st at 5:15pm was 79,229.

From the February 1st deadline to the May 1st deadline an additional 4,861 applicants applied to CAO.


Of the total applicants for 2015, 486 were Advanced Entry applicants. From 2015, the CAO processes applications for entry to years 2, 3 and 4 of undergraduate courses in some Irish Higher Education Institutions (HEIs). This entry route is known as Advanced Entry.


The CAO Change of Mind facility opened on Tuesday May 5th at noon – within two hours of opening, 1,000 applicants had made changes to their application.


Applicants who did not enter course choices by February 1st can do so up to July 1st at 5:15pm, however restrictions apply. This facility is free to all applicants, however some categories of applicants may not be able to use the online Change of Mind and certain restricted courses cannot be introduced at this stage in the application process.


The Change of Mind facility will remain open until July 1st at 5:15pm. Registered applicants can login to their CAO account using the ‘My Application’ facility to add, remove or change the order of their chosen courses if desired.


All CAO applicants will receive a ‘Statement of Application Record’ before the end of May and CAO advises all applicants to check this statement carefully and notify them of any errors or omissions in the document. All correspondence from CAO should be treated as extremely important.


An online video guide to the Change of Mind facility is available to download or view from the ‘Student Resources’ section of the CAO website, which can be accessed at