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In the coming days/weeks, CAO will be emailing a number of applicants outlining the steps such applicants must take to either supply, edit or remove examination data (see sample text of LC email below). This email is not the Statement of Application email – this is an additional email arising as a result of CAO’s examination data matching process.

This facility will be open to such applicants until the end of April. CAO will take the information supplied, update correct information and then send the Statement of Application email to all applicants in early May. At this point we will open the facility again until the end of May so applicants can submit amendments in response to the statement.

We will be in touch with you again in advance of the Statement of Application email with an outline of how the process will work this year.

Attached are some screenshots of the Qualifications and Assessment section of applicant accounts which will show the actions Leaving Certificate applicants can take, as well as the instructions and messages that they will receive.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact CAO through the Contact facility, placing ‘Guidance Counsellor Query’ in the subject line so that we can get back to you as soon as possible.

Text Students Will Receive

IMPORTANT EMAIL FROM CAO – please read immediately [LCE exam number required]

This is an automatic email generated as a result of information on your CAO application relating to Irish Leaving Certificate examinations.

Please note: This is a routine process that happens every year and is not connected with COVID-19 measures.

When you made your application to CAO earlier this year you indicated that you are presenting Irish Leaving Certificate. In order to connect your application with your Leaving Certificate we need you to supply your examination number (also known as examination candidate number) and year.

You must now take the following steps:

– Log in to your CAO account and go to the Qualifications and Assessment Section.

– Details of examinations that we already have on your file can be seen in the Qualifications and Assessment section. Check these details carefully. A year and examination number should appear if you completed Leaving Certificate in any year from 1985 – 2020 inclusive, and/or if you are a Leaving Certificate candidate in 2021. Please note, some applicants will have more than one Leaving Certificate (e.g., those repeating this year).

– If you need to edit/add/remove your examination information, click on ‘Modify Details’.

– You will then be brought to the ‘Edit Leaving Certificate Details’ section where you will find instructions for adding/removing/editing your Leaving Certificate examination information (i.e. examination year and examination number).


The examination number is six digits and should not be confused with your CAO application number.


You must use the ‘Edit Leaving Certificate’ details facility before 30 April. After you submit changes, you will receive an email from CAO with instructions to check the changes that you have made. If you do not receive an email, check that you submitted the correct examination information by logging in to your account. You should see your changes listed under the heading ‘You have submitted the following changes’ – this heading will appear under Irish Leaving Certificate Exams (1985 – 2021) in the Qualifications & Assessments section. If this heading is not visible, you will need to log in and modify your details again, remembering to press ‘Submit’.


CAO will check the data that has been edited/supplied before updating your application.


We will communicate with you again in May so you can be sure that we have the correct information updated to your account.


If you cannot obtain your Leaving Certificate Candidate number, you should ask your school (if it is a 2021 Leaving Certificate number) or the State Examinations Commission if it a Leaving Certificate completed before 2021.


Yours sincerely,

CAO Examinations Department



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