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BCFE Launches 2 new courses

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BCFE Launches 2 new coursesBallyfermot CFE


Level 6 Photography

Kickstart your creativity and learn what it takes to make an impact online. Media may have moved on from print publications but the power of an image or a story well told remains. Whether you want to work in business public relations politics or mainstream news then the ability to make edit and publish quality images and content is a skill that will stand to you for the rest of your career.

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Level 5 3D Design

This course provides an introduction to creative computing with a strong focus on giving students the opportunity to gain skills and learn the fundamentals of Web Design (UI/UX), 2D & 3D Graphic Design and Video Editing. A business’s website is one of the first places users visit to find out more about it. Impressive web design creates a strong, positive first impression. The importance of good web design has become so important that frontend developers are transitioning into digital product designers using 3D to create an innovative, exploratory online experience.

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