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Basic Income Ireland

Basic Income Ireland is a network of people working towards making universal basic income a reality in Ireland. The network was formerly called BIEN Ireland,Basic Income Ireland which was one of the oldest of the national affiliates of the Basic Income Earth Network (BIEN). BIEN Ireland had a relatively low public profile, however, so in May 2011, it held a general meeting, in order to renew efforts towards a basic income and to get more people involved in the network. In Sept 2012, we decided to change our name to Basic Income Ireland, since that name is more self-explanatory and readily understood.

Members of Basic Income Ireland are all volunteers. We come from a variety of backgrounds: community development, activism, academia, politics, religion, farming, care work, creative or artistic work, teaching, learning, research, healthcare, engineering, trades unions, and supporting voluntary groups and NGOs. Some of us have full or part-time time jobs, others are retirees, self-employed, running small businesses or working without pay.

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