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Bachelor of Laws (Honours) - New Course

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Technoligical University of the Shannon TUSBachelor of Laws (Honours) - New Course

Few traditional law degrees offer students the opportunity to learn law as well as how to run a legal business. Our lecturing staff have experience of this which allows them to actually apply theory in real-life contexts, such as real-life legal clinics, work placements and mock court cases. Interpersonal skills are almost as important as qualification in predicting success in the modern business world.

This course will develop these skills to a high level, in addition to practical business management and legal skills like advocacy and legal research. Traditional core subjects are complemented by the opportunity to take advanced classes in a range of electives that reflect the challenges faced in the modern world, like legal technology, climate change, white collar crime and human rights law.

Students will also have the opportunity to learn core business skills like entrepreneurship and management.

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