BA (Hons) Degree in Business Psychology – Athlone IT

BA (Hons) Degree in Business Psychology – The BA (Hons) degree in Business Psychology is an exciting course where you will have the opportunity to learn about psychology principles and how they apply in the business context.

If you are interested in people, what make them tick and influences their behaviour….if you are curious about teams and their dynamics ….if you want to understand more about organisations, their culture, how they can stagnate and change …if the areas of advertising and consumer psychology appeal to you…. and if you want to learn more about business environments, then this is an excellent course for you.

Over four years you will learn about the Psychology of individuals, teams and organisations at work – incorporating elements such as personal development, conflict resolution, managing people, organisational change, leadership and performance. You will study Marketing – including the psychology of advertising and media, consumer psychology, buying behaviour and strategic marketing. You will learn about Human Resource Management and people development in the modern organisation. You will develop skills in critical and analytical thinking and research. You will be exposed to emerging issues in the workplace where Psychology has an important role – for example cyber psychology and behaviour.

Overall the course will give you an excellent grounding in applying psychological principles and knowledge to business issues in the modern workplace and prepare you to pursue roles in such diverse areas as Management & Leadership Development, Human Resource Management, Marketing, Communications and PR, Organisation Development, Sales & Negotiations.

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