Audit 2018 IGC

Dear Colleagues,IGC

Thank you

A sincere thank you to everyone who has taken the time to complete our national audit of the current situation re counselling hours within second level schools.

Review of Guidance

A “Review of Guidance” was recently announced by the Minister for Education. Your assistance with gathering this data is now more valuable than ever in ensuring that we have a complete and accurate picture of the amount of vital Guidance Counselling support that is being delivered across the country.

Haven’t completed the survey yet?

Don’t worry there is still some time! In light of the Review of Guidance, our researcher has kindly agreed to extend the deadline. You still have the opportunity to have your say and complete the survey – either online via the following link:

Or via the paper version which has been posted to your school – there is a stamped addressed envelope included for your convenience in sending it back to us by this Wednesday.

Your voice

Your voice matters, every response we receive from you equips us with more robust data that we can use to negotiate on your behalf. This is your chance to have you say, we want to hear from each and everyone of you.

Yours in guidance

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