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An invaluable asset for TY's - Exit Entry

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An invaluable asset for TY’s


EdTech company Exit Entry provides a free student app to Post Primary students nationwide. The app is available and useful to all students from 1st to 6th year, however, two main features of the app make it extremely valuable to Transition Year students, namely the Work X platform and the IBM accredited badges.

Work X;

The Work X feature in the app offers students an opportunity to explore content from companies such as Intel, IBM, Eir, Budding Perspectives, Jill & Gill and the GMIT Empower Her Programme. Content from these companies provides students with an insight into a wide range of careers and job roles.  Also, students can explore opportunities from the Irish Second Level Student’s Union (ISSU), I WISH, Engineers Ireland STEPS programme, Hersport, Emu Ink Schools Publishing programme, Culture Mee and the Chartered Accountants of Ireland, amongst others, which offers students opportunities to become involved in initiatives and student centered programmes. Exit Entry is delighted to collaborate with each of these fantastic organisations providing students with access to information and opportunities.


IBM Badges:

Exit Entry is proud to partner with IBM and offer students free access to the Open P-Tech IBM learning badges. Students can complete the IBM badges within the Exit Entry app and receive an IBM accredited certificate to add to their TY portfolio or CV. These badges provide students with an insight into various careers and the world of work. Examples of IBM badges within the app includes;

  • Professional Skills
  • Explorations into Mindfulness
  • Cybersecurity Fundamentals
  • Principles of Visual Design
  • Agile Explorer
  • Explore Emerging Tech


For more information or to schedule a Classroom Information session for your students, please email Sinéad at [email protected]. Sinéad can also provide information on the Exit Entry Guidance Counsellor HUB, a platform specifically designed to support Guidance Counsellors connecting with their students and supporting them on their CAO journey.

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