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A Parents Guide – Teenagers Internet Safety

The internet and smartphones are such a ubiquitous part of teen life, yet are part of a technology landscape that’s evolving so rapidly that it can feel completely alien to parents.Topiqvpn From the dangers of screen addiction to cyberbullying and sexting, today’s teenagers have so much more to deal with than ever before. Parents please read and share our comprehensive guide to keeping your teenagers safe online so you can understand the issues and know how to help.


The extraordinary rise of smartphones has led to a world in which teen depression is at peak levels, social media is considered as addictive as a drug, and digital footprints can shape your future. Online games are deliberately designed to be habit-forming, cyberbullying has reached endemic levels, and unsolicited advances from sexual predators are sadly more than just media headlines. Navigating a safe digital life is difficult, and teens are especially vulnerable.

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