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A Guide to Blended Learning

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Reduce Classroom Training Time with Blended Learning

In today's dynamic world, you can't do away with classroom training, neither can your learners spend a lot of time in the classroom. So what can you do?

Blended Learning = ILT + eLearning + Performance Support

Learning is most effective when we are actively engaged and participate in doing something. Nothing can beat the engagement offered by a classroom - interactions with the instructor and peers. eLearning, on the other hand, offers self-paced learning, practice opportunities, and just-in-time learning.

So blended learning gives your learners the best of both training formats, saving you a lot of time and cost. For more insights into blended learning, download this guide that talks of:

Where it fits best: Take a close look at how eLearning can offset the disadvantages of classroom training and the situations it works best. For example, when you need to train employees on a complex skill, use eLearning to prep them on the basics, and the classroom session for in-depth discussion and doubt clarification.

How to design a blended learning solution: Explore how the 'Job Task Inventory Matrix' can be used to decide which component of training can happen online and what can be covered in the classroom - for each task.

Formats that can be used: Understand how to create a trail mix of training using eLearning, ILT, social learning, coaching & mentoring, and performance support. Explore how videos, interactive PDFs, game-based assessments, scenarios and other online formats can be used to enrich the blended solution.

The eBook is targeted at Industry but most of the help can also be applied to any educational context, Secondary or Third Level.

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