82,000 Students Awarded grants by SUSI – The student grant awarding body, SUSI (Student Universal Support Ireland),SUSIhas announced that it has awarded student grant funding to 82,000 students, to-date, for the 2015/16 academic year. SUSI received 108,000 applications for 2015/16, 17,000 of which were received after the 1 August priority processing closing date.


Significant improvements enabled SUSI to pay awarded students their first maintenance grant payments in September 2015, the first time that maintenance grant payments have been made before October.


Return of documentation

SUSI is currently awaiting documentation from 2,500 students and Graham Doyle, Head of Communications & Customer Service with SUSI, is urging these students to return their outstanding documentation: “The processing of applications for 2015/16 is pretty much complete. We have 2,500 applications left to finalise. However, we are working on a current basis and are waiting for students to return their documentation to us so that their applications can be completed. Our experience from previous years indicates that the majority of these applicants will not complete their applications, however I would urge those students who do intend to complete the process to submit their requested documentation as soon as possible”.



Enhanced security on SUSI accounts

SUSI has added an additional layer of security to its Online Grant Application System today. Students are being asked to create a six digit PIN code for themselves and each time they wish to access the system, they will be required to enter a random 3 digits from their PIN code, as well as their username and password.


The system is quite intuitive and this method of Multi Factored Authentication will be familiar to many people who use services such as online banking. The SUSI PIN code must contain 6 numeric digits and should not be something which can be easily associated with a student, such as his/her date of birth or phone number.