76,000 Students Awarded Grants by SUSI – The student grant awarding bodyStudent Universal Support Ireland, SUSI (Student Universal Support Ireland), has announced that it has awarded student grant funding to 76,000 students, to-date, for the 2016/17 academic year. Continuous improvements made by SUSI for the 2016/17 academic year has seen a significant increase from 62,000 awards at the same time last year.


SUSI paid 50,000 students in September this year and a total of 68,000 students have been paid to-date. The remaining students who have already been awarded grants and are still to be paid will receive their grants as soon as their colleges confirm that they are registered and attending and when the students submit their bank details through their online SUSI accounts. In addition to the published monthly payment dates, payments are being made by SUSI on a weekly basis until Christmas to ensure that as many students as possible are paid as soon as such confirmation is received.



The finalising of processing

SUSI has received almost 105,000 applications for 2016/17, to-date (18,500 of which were received after the priority processing deadlines). 90,000 of these applications have already been completed – 76,000 awarded and 14,000 refused/cancelled. This is further progress on 2015/16, which in itself was an extremely successful year for SUSI.



SUSI is currently awaiting documentation from 12,000 students and Graham Doyle, Head of Communications & Customer Service with SUSI, is urging these students to return their outstanding documentation: “The processing of applications for 2016/17 is going extremely well as can be seen from the statistics released today. I would however urge those students who have still to submit their requested documentation to do so as soon as possible so that the assessment of their applications can be completed. I would also remind those students who have yet to submit their bank details to do so to ensure that they can be paid”.



Closing date

The closing date for the receipt of applications for the 2016/17 academic year is Thursday, 3rd November, 2016 and Mr. Doyle has the following advice for students: “Students who still wish to apply for student grant funding for 2016/17 need to apply quickly as the closing date for applications is Thursday, November 3rd. There are also some students who have begun the online application process but have yet to complete it and similarly they need to complete their applications before the closing date”.