25 states now require computer science for high school graduation

  • As computer science skills like coding become increasingly relevant in the job market, a number of states and districts are making moves to set students up for success.
  • Today, 25 states require students to take a computer science course in order to graduate from high school — more than double the number with such a requirement in 2013.
  • Additionally, a large number of districts are weaving coding instruction into early learning curriculum, impacting students as young as kindergarten.

The increased focus on computer science is part of an overall trend of pushing STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) skills necessary for a number of high-demand job fields. District Administration details what supports schools need to implement computer science education successfully, saying, for example, that it’s critical that districts have proper professional development covering the topic. It’s not enough for a student to take a coding class, educators must know how to teach these courses and also why they’re so important for students’ futures.

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