Pixar in A Box is a free online course created out of a partnership between Khan Academy and Pixar Animation Studios. The course introduces learners to the fundamentals of the art of animation. More specifically, learners get to experience first-hand knowledge of the techniques and methods Pixar engineers use to create movies and animations.


The course covers different animation-related topics each of which comes with ‘a design focused lesson appropriate for grades 5+, followed by a math focused lesson which is grade specific.’ The topics included are :

  • ‘Environment Modeling: Explore how realistic blades of grass are modeled using parabolic arcs.
  • Character Modeling: Explore how clay models are transformed into digital characters using weighted averages.
  • Crowds: Explore how swarms of robots were created for WALL-E using combinatorics.
  • Animation: Explore how animators bring characters to life with the help of Animation curves.
  • Sets and Staging: Explore how virtual sets are constructed using geometric transformations.
  • Rendering: Explore how pixels are painted by solving systems of linear equations.’

Watch the video below to learn more about ‘Pixar in A Box’

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