Are you considering a career in the Tech Sector?

FITAre you considering a career in the Tech Sector? – ICT Associate Professional is a new IT apprenticeship – learn & earn – pathway to a career in the technology sector.

Over 7,000 jobs are currently available in ICT sector – as highlighted by the FIT ICT Skills
Audit 2014 – 75% of which are at entry and competent levels.

Why should I consider ICT Associate Professional?

The ICT Associate Professional programme offers technical education and training soundly grounded in practical experience ensuring you are ready for work on completion.

The ICT Associate Professional Programme will:

  • Provide an hands-on learning mode to attain the skills demanded by industry.
  • Enable you to earn and learn and acquire a national qualification over a two year period equipping you with the knowledge and capabilities to progress your career in ICT. 
  • Lead to internationally recognised qualifications.
  • Match you with a Sponsor Company within the ICT Industry who value your talent.
  • Provide the opportunity to apply theoretical education and training in a real work setting helping you to build confidence in your abilities and gain independence.

An ICT Associate Professional spends much of their time training with a company, helping them to effectively learn the skills needed in the work place using modern technology and equipment and getting involved in real-life work processes.

For more information about the programme and courses we will be running under the programme please contact or call us on 01 882 5570.

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