DKITSee a Problem. Solve the Problem. Sell the Solution! – For DkIT’s Enterprise Development Manager, Garrett Duffy, these  the sentences sum up what entrepreneurship is all about. They are the same sentences he uses during almost every talk or lecture he gives on the subject. So it is great when someone takes this mantra on board and runs with it.

One such founder is Sinead Geraghty, Stowaway. Sinead experienced a problem every day in her apartment which was too small to store the three bikes which she and her flat mates were using on an almost daily basis. Leaving the bikes outside was not an option so she sought to find a way to solve this clutter and to store the bikes safely yet out of the way.

Over the past 12 months, working with Garrett and the RDC as part of the New Frontiers Programme, Sinead identified that this same problem was one faced by many other people living in urban areas. She set about solving the problem cost effectively, built and tested a number of prototypes and now has reached the third stage of the mantra. She is ready to sell the solution.

This week she launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter (an institute first, perhaps?) where we can follow her story, the progress of stowaway and perhaps support her on her…