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Training From Psychometrix This Winter

SETTING UP A CAREER GUIDANCE PRACTICE, Fitzpatrick’s, Killiney, Co. Dublin. December 29th, €250.
CPD for career guidance practitioners on setting up and delivering quality career guidance from financial issues to setting up a website, marketing and identifying career guidance needs, education and training websites, and career planning. “The best guidance course I’ve ever done” Rico Stein, Kerry Adult Guidance Service.
– Details at http://www.psychometrix.ie/careers.html
PSYCHOMETRICS: BPS ABILITY & PERSONALITY, Fitzpatrick’s, Killiney, Co. Dublin. November 23rd – 69th, €950.
Expand your understanding and skills in dealing with people, getting work done effectively and increasing emotional intelligence by training in aptitude, career and personality assessment. BPS-training in using the 16PF* model (15FQ), Myers & Briggs Model (JTI), Emotional Intelligence (EIQ) and Motivational Values (VbIM).
– “Highly recommended to those interested in psychometrics, personality profiling and emotional intelligence” Conall O’Suilleabhan, Learning Business Partner, Accenture
– Details at http://www.psychometrix.ie/personality.html
FACTILITATOR: Dr. Terry Connors, M.Ed., PhD., C.Psychol.
ENQUIRIES: | t: (01-640 1957)  | e: info@psychometrix.ie  | w: www.psychometrix.ie

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