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Slingshot Academy for TY Students

Student Slingshot Academy is a series of monthly events which allows exceptional 3rd level students to teach and mentor Transition Year students about the possible careers that are available to them. TY students will have the opportunity to learn and interact with 3rd Level students about areas such as science, business, journalism, design and many other subjects areas.


We have received an immensely positive response since our launch on February 12th and are currently supported by SpunOut Ireland, The Department of Education, Enterprise Ireland, SAP Ireland and many more.


I’ve attached a booklet with more details about the events and the organisation, if you have any questions feel free to contact me.


It would be hugely appreciated if you could support us in any way as we are trying to reach as many TY students as we can. If possible it would be fantastic if you could circulate news of Slingshot Academy among ICG members and guidance counselors around the country.

Click here for flyer …

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