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Parents Workshop on Childhood Anxiety

Parents Workshop on Childhood AnxietyIICP

Managing Anxiety in Children as a Parent/Primary Carer

Sunday 11 February 2018


Anxiety is characterised as being a future-focused mood state which is a painful or apprehensive uneasiness of mind over an impending or anticipated ill or fearful concern. In this workshop, primary carers/parents are invited to explore their own understanding of anxiety, and how they manage the anxiety experienced by their children. Information on what Anxiety is and how it manifests will be offered. In addition, parents will be introduced to ideas on supporting their child, and themselves, through tried and tested techniques and interventions.

Programme Content:

  • What is anxiety
  • How does it manifest
  • Why does it manifest
  • How we can manage it ineffectively
  • How we can manage it effectively
  • How we can support our children when they are anxious
  • Practical ideas and interventions when ‘anxietying’
  • Long term goals in managing anxiety effectively
  • Supports and resources for parents
  • Supports and resources for the child experiencing anxiety


Award: IICP Certificate of Attendance and Participation. CPD: 6 hours

Cost: €90.00 (€76.50 for IICP Students/Alumni)

Time: 09.30am to 4.30pm

Venue: IICP, Killinarden Enterprise park, Killinarden, Dublin 24.

To apply on line visit  https://www.iicp.ie/childhoodanxietyforparents/  or call IICP on 01466 4205.