Online Diploma in Cybersecurity

The threat of cybersecurity and the increasing risk of cyber-attacks to industry have been well documented.DBS Cyber attacks have become more sophisticated, more frequent, more targeted and progressively more difficult to detect.

More than one third of businesses in Ireland have experienced a cyber-attack so far in 2017, according to the Dublin Information Sec 2017 survey of Irish businesses*. The risks associated with IT and cybersecurity are a key concern for all businesses given their potential to have serious implications for prudential soundness, consumer protection, financial stability and the reputation of the business.

As a result, organisations must be aware of the risks and understand their responsibilities. The ability to recognise cyber security risks and the management of those risks will ensure the continued successful growth of businesses.

T​he Online Diploma in Cybersecurity will provide participants with an understanding of modern cyber security challenges such as compliance, risk management, data governance and cybersecurity in project and change management.

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