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New Courses in UCC

CK121 BA Psychology and Computing combines Psychology and Computer Science to advance understanding of people’s experience with technology. Students will broaden their understanding of the needs of technology users and will explore the potential of technology in areas such as education, and health. They will gain practical skills that will enhance their employability in the IT sector, especially in areas that are in great demand such as human-computer interaction, user experience design, usability evaluation, game design and social media, and in research aimed at developing the next generation of systems and services.

CK411 BSc Data Science and Analytics focuses on new ways to capture and understand data from the world around us, to make better decisions for people, communities and industry. It provides an education in data storage, manipulation and interpretation using mathematical sciences and computational methods to solve complex real world problems. The 1st and 2nd years of study will focus on the mathematical and computational foundations of data science and analytics. The 3rd year will include a six-month work placement which provides an opportunity to apply the skills learnt in a work place environment. In fourth year, students undertake an independent project which enables them to investigate more applied elements of the discipline.

CK707 BSc Medical and Health Sciences will equip graduates to embark on careers in the medical research or healthcare sectors. It has a strong focus on research and is taught by research-active academics in a wide range of disciplines, spanning the biological and medical sciences. This course delivers up-to-date current knowledge in the field of biomedical, clinical and public health sciences. It encourages students to foster their analytical study skills and critical thinking, enabling them to research, develop and implement the innovative healthcare of the future. Years 1, 2 and 3, provide a solid grounding in the medical and health sciences. In Year 4, students undertake a substantial Research Project in a current research topic in the medical and health sciences.

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