New courses in NUI Galway

GY124 BA (Arts with Data Science)

Are you good at maths, interested in coding, and keen to study people as well as equations? Do you like the idea of using data to understand the human condition? If so, the new BA in Arts with Data Science may be for you. You will study an Arts subject in parallel with maths, IT and data science modules. By the time you graduate, you will be well qualified to apply data analytics techniques to complex, real-world, human problems. Few skills are more highly valued by employers.

GY125 BA (Digital Arts and Technology)

How is your life shaped by digital technologies? How can new technologies be used creatively? How can they be used to help us better understand the world, and create and share our knowledge? These are questions the new BA Digital Arts and Technology programme will be asking, and helping you to answer. The programme allows you to pursue an interest in arts and humanities (you will complete a full programme in an Arts subject), combined with a training in relevant aspects of information technology and data science.
GY126 BA (English and Media Studies)

GY127 BA (Film and Digital Media)

The core focus of the programme is the development of students’ creative and critical skills, positioning graduates to become content creators across a range of media platforms and giving them the entrepreneurial skills and flexibility required to work in today’s rapidly changing media environment. This course provides a comprehensive grounding in the theory and history of film and digital media as well as training in film practice, screenwriting, and digital development and design.

GY128 BA (Global Languages)

This innovative and highly flexible Languages degree allows you to study two languages, with the possibility of taking another language at Beginner’s Level in the First year. Linguistics, Translation Studies and Media are embedded at all levels of the programme. Literature and culture modules will be available for those students who wish to pursue a teaching career so that they will fulfil the requirements of the Teaching Council.

GY129 BA (International)

Studying a modern language to degree level involves spending a period, normally an academic year, in a country or region where the language is widely spoken. You will pursue both of your degree subjects during the period abroad. Students registered for two languages are required to spend a minimum of 12 weeks in each of the countries or regions where the relevant languages are spoken. This will usually consist of an academic year abroad arranged by the University in one language and a summer placement arranged by the student in the other country or region.

GY130 BA (Music)

This course offers a BA in Music and one other subject. It allows students to develop an understanding of the history, theory and practice of music. It is especially well suited to those who wish to teach music after graduation; students also receive training in arts management and other transferrable professional skills.
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