Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Course

This course is the recognised Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction course.   It has been scientifically and clinically researched and tested over the past thirty years by Dr Jon Kabat-Zinn and others at the University of Massachusetts Medical Centre.  It combines the art of mindfulness meditation with psychology and rigorous scientific scrutiny allowing us to discard what doesn’t work to offer a secular education programme and practical effective mindfulness practice. The reasons for doing an MBSR course are varied.  Sometimes people have a yearning to live a life with less stress.  Others wish to live a more fulfilling life with greater wisdom and discernment. For others the reasons are work related with a desire to boost one’s potential.

The cost of this evidence based course is €300 euro. Each participant is asked to have an intention to attend all eight sessions and the day of mindful practice as well as committing to home practice meditations using course materials provided.

The cost covers all tuition, guidance, course workbook and audio clips. While the focus of this course is the development of a personal mindfulness practice, it is also the prerequisite course for those wishing to go on to teach mindfulness to young people.

While this course is suitable for everyone, a short discussion is required so that we can jointly assess whether now is the right time for you to attend. If interested in securing a place on this course please send an email to info@mindfulwellbeing.ie and/or take a look at www.mindfulwellbeing.ie

APRIL 2018 MBSR Course flyer info
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