Maynooth University Electronic Engineering Maths Entry Exam

Maynooth University Electronic Engineering Maths Entry Exam – 28 March 2018Maynooth


The Department of Electronic Engineering is offering prospective Engineering students an early opportunity to secure the required H4 in Leaving Certificate Maths in order to meet the basic entry requirement for qualification to our Engineering degree. The exam is based only on the content covered by Paper One of the Leaving Certificate Higher Level Mathematics syllabus and consists of one exam, for two hours. A free preparatory course takes place on March 27th.

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Students attaining the H4 (60% or higher) standard in the examination will be deemed to have met the mathematics entry requirement to the degree. The results of the examination will be forwarded to attendees in late June, after the Leaving Certificate examinations have finished, and before the July 1st CAO change of mind deadline.


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