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FIT – Smart Building Technologies programme – Cavan

FIT are currently recruiting for a Smart Building Technologies programme, set to start in Cavan in Mid-November.FIT


As new technologies and the Internet of Things (IoT) make rapid advancements, smart inter-connected buildings are becoming the norm.  Smart building technologies and management systems, save energy, streamline facilities management, prevent expensive equipment failures and increase security, comfort and connectivity.


Successful candidates from this course will secure employment in this new but rapidly growing sector of Smart Building Technologies in areas such as systems installation and maintenance including ICT networks, PLCs, KNX systems and the configuration and monitoring of smart building technologies, equipment/appliances and multimedia systems.


Common tasks undertaken by Smart Building Technicians would include:


  • Connecting building management systems, energy efficiency measures, security and maintenance systems
  • Connecting people and building technologies
  • Networking of Systems/ Appliances and Wireless Technologies
  • Connecting to the external / global environment
  • Systems Management & Monitoring
  • Connectivity to an intelligent future
  • Installing and Maintenance of  Assistive Technologies
  • Data Collation & Analysis
  • Configuration, Monitoring and Maintenance of Automation / Multi-media Systems


The course is run in conjunction with CMETB and is free subject to eligibility. For more information or to apply, please click here