Finding and Living Your Purpose in Life

 Finding and Living Your Purpose in LifeIICP

 March 2018 – 6 weeks duration



This course combines a unique blend of mindfulness and hands-on, evidence-based tools for unlocking your true purpose. You will be guided through a series of exercises which engage your mind, body and spirit and which allow you to awaken to your dreams and ambitions. This course aims to combine the creative side of uncovering your passions, with the practical tools for implementing changes in your life.

Course Content: 

Dr. Maria Quinlan has developed a course which draws on the work of key researchers and writers in the area of purpose, passion and career. Combining their insights with her own research, she has developed a set of exercises and creative tools with which to guide you through the process of firstly uncovering your true passions, and secondly developing a set of practical strategies to start living your purpose.

The transformational power of yogic meditation is paired with tools for implementing change in your life. All the tools are evidence-based and have strong research to support their effectiveness in kick-starting transformation and creating sustainable change.

Weekly course overview:

  1. Introduction to the tools: creative strategies for uncovering your dreams. First, we will sample creative fun ways of exploring what really lights us up. Using everything from photography to writing, painting, meditation and vision boarding we will play with a variety of methods to help us to tap into our true work and life goals.
  2. Finding your element: where what you like doing meets what you are good at. Drawing on the work of key researchers in purpose, passion & career, we will use a variety of creative exercises to explore what you love, what makes you happy and how you can combine those into a career/life of passion and purpose.
  3. Dreaming and scheming. We will then use a blend of mindfulness meditation and idea-mapping to begin to create a concrete vision of what your passions are and how you would like your work/life to look.
  4. Intentional goal setting: moving from the general to the specific. Having begun to identify your passions you will be guided through a series of exercises and introduced to a variety of practical tools that will help you formulate purposeful, actionable goals which align with those passions.
  5. Implementing change: exploring hidden barriers and strategies to overcome them. This class will focus on how to make the necessary changes needed to turn your goals into reality. We will explore hidden barriers and limiting beliefs which may hold you back from progressing towards your true passion in life, and strategies for overcoming them.
  6. Creating an action plan. In the final part of the course we will focus on creating a plan of action to help you to achieve your goals and bring you further towards a purpose-filled life.


Who Should Apply:

 It is suitable for anyone who would like to create some positive change in their lives, big or small. This course is designed to be a fun and creative way of getting to know ourselves, our motivations and our passions more fully, and then to make some concrete plans to consciously move towards the life we would like to be living. It is particularly suitable for anyone considering a life or career change, starting their own business, or for students considering third level course options.


Facilitator:Dr. Maria Quinlan PhD Social Work and Social Policy, MA Sociology, BA (Hons) Sociology and Economics.

Maria is a member of the Sociological Association of Ireland, the British Sociological Association and the IACP. She currently lectures at undergraduate and postgraduate levels in UCD and has lectured in Trinity College Dublin at the School of Social Work and Social Policy. Her areas of interest and expertise include research methods – quantitative and qualitative; research design within the field of counselling and psychotherapy; Sociological theory – particularly related to mental health and illness; and issues of equality.


Award: IICP Certificate of Attendance and Participation

CPD12 hours

Cost: €250 (15% Discount for IICP Students/ Alumni and VCS Counsellors)

Date: The course commences on Wednesday 14th March from 7pm to 9pm and weekly thereafter for 6 weeks. 


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