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ClassroomGuidance.ie resources for guidance counsellors in the classroom

ClassroomGuidance.ie creates dedicated resources for guidance counsellors in the classroom. We organise content helping guidance counsellors focusClassroom Guidance their energy on inspiring their students to find meaning and purpose. We “nudge” students into engaging with the teaching content by using instant feedback surveys, motivational videos and gamified end of topic multi-choice quizzes. This coupled with the hard-copy learner records requires students to record their learning on paper and enables high quality personal insights and practical knowledge. In three “clicks” guidance counsellors can deliver content and students will be ready to interact.


Currently being used in over 320 schools, centres and colleges this year.


“Classroom Guidance produce excellent resources, brilliant clever and genius in their simplicity” Richard Keane, Student Year Book

“It’s an easier, more interesting, efficient and fun way of learning” Student, Presentation College Kilkenny.

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