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CAO Courses New to the 2017 Handbook

Courses identified by course code in the 2017 CAO Handbook and not in the 2016 CAO Handbook.CAO

 Click on the Code for further information.
Code Level  Course Title
AL753 7  Office Management and Administration
AL835 8  Health Science with Audiology
AL839 8  Microbiology
AL853 8  Accounting and Law
AL861 8  Animation and Illustration (Portfolio + Interview Required)
BN040 7  Digital Marketing
BN119 8  Digital Marketing
CK409 8  Industrial Physics – Offered jointly by UCC and CIT
CW227 7  Cybercrime and IT Security
CW258 8  Cybercrime and IT Security
DC123 8  Data Science
DK712 7  Digital Marketing, Communication and Public Relations
DT035 8  Electrical Services and Energy Management
DT206 8  Biomedical and Molecular Diagnostics
DT219 7  Ophthalmic Dispensing
DT255 8  Information Systems and Information Technology
DT302 8  Business Analytics
DT404 6  Food Sales and Culinary Practice
DT405 8  Culinary Science
DT508 8  Games Design
GA274 7  Design
GA284 8  Design
GA377 7  International Tourism Management
GA381 8  International Tourism Management
GA790 8  Sport and Exercise Science
GA871 7  Early Childhood Care and Education – Mayo Campus
GA887 8  History and Geography – Mayo Campus
GA888 8  Sustainable Building Technology – Mayo Campus
GA889 8  Applied Social Care – Mayo Campus
GC305 8  International Hospitality Management (Limerick)
GC402 8  Business Studies (HRM – Dublin)
GC407 8  Business Studies (Marketing – Dublin)
GY122 8  Na Dana (Cumarsaid agus Gaeilge)
GY123 8  BSc (Applied Social Sciences)
LC248 8  Built Environment (Undenominated)
LC297 8  Community Development
LC421 8  Business Studies with Sports Management (Thurles)
LM002 8  Arts (offered in conjunction with Mary Immaculate College)
LM026 8  Performing Arts
LM103 8  Paramedic Studies
LM121 8  Computing Technologies
LM122 8  Creative Media and Interaction Design
LM123 8  Biological and Chemical Sciences
LM124 8  Mathematics
LM125 8  Physics
LY337 7  Culinary Science (Common Entry)
LY506 6  Construction Technology with BIM
MH405 8  Equine Business
MH411 8  Entrepreneurship
MI002 8  Arts (offered in conjunction with the University of Limerick)
MI009 8  Education, Business Studies and Accounting (Thurles Campus)
MI010 8  Education, Business Studies and Religious Studies (Thurles Campus)
MI011 8  Education,  Irish and Religious Studies (Thurles Campus)
MI012 8  Education, Irish and Business Studies (Thurles Campus)
SG147 8  Sport with Business
SG148 8  Tourism with Event Management
SG244 8  Fine Art (Portfolio)
SG307 6  Precision Engineering and Design
SG430 7  Agri-Food Science
SG440 8  Agri-Food Science
SG447 8  Health Science and Physical Activity
SG535 7  Business Administration
TA106 6  Business (Common entry)
TA116 7  International Business
TA125 8  International Business
TA328 8  Computing with Language (French/German/Spanish)
TA329 8  Data Analytics
TL881 8  Social Care
TR040 8 Jewish and Islamic civilisations (TSM)
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