Business with Music & Instrument Technology

My name is Mike O’Dowd and I am the course leader and lecturer for the Higher Certificate in Business with Music & Instrument TechnologyAthlone Institute of Technoogy (M.A.I.T) course at the Athlone Institute of Technology.

Although we are a smaller, lesser known music related course, I can confidently say that we are possibly the most unique musically orientated course available to C.A.O applicants.

This uniqueness is owing to the fact that our students are immersed in the crucial industry trifecta of Sound Engineering, Instrument Making and Business Studies – there is no other course available to applicants where you can build (from scratch) a mandolin, acoustic guitar, electric guitar & cajon drum while also studying recording studio & live sound engineering, marketing, entrepreneurship and social media & digital applications.

Our course focuses in on the practical application of the delivered subjects and we have our graduates leaving with the clear understanding that while they may not know everything there is to know about a particular topic, they have the ability to spot a working opportunity, how to say ‘yes’ to it and bring their skill-set to bare on the opportunity – the quintessential ‘Rough Diamond’, as it were i.e. a multifaceted skill-set that requires further industry nurturing.

Here is a breakdown of what students will study during year 1 and 2 of the M.A.I.T program:

Year 1:
Learning and Development for Higher Education, Computer Applications, Instrument Technology, Sound Engineering, Music and Instrument Appreciation, Music and Production, Social Media and Digital Applications, Music Marketing.

Year 2:
Sound Engineering, Instrument Technology, Accounting for Music and Instrument Technology, Entrepreneurship for Music and Instrument Technology, Digital Audio, Work Experience, E-Business, Economics and the Entertainment Industry.

Year 3:
Students who complete the M.A.I.T program can progress into the Bachelor of Business program where modules in Music Technology and Radio & Production are available as electives.

I’ve attached our course prospectus to this email and if you, or anyone you know who might be interested in the course has any questions about who we are, what we do, or if you have general questions about studying and working life within the music industry, please do not hesitate to contact me on: / 087 935 5553

You can check our website here:
And follow us on Facebook here:

If you would like to arrange a school visit, or if you would like to come and see us, please do ask and we’ll try to make it work with our combined schedules!

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